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Visa Application Requirements and Procedure

Visitors obtaining visa upon arrival are referred to the Immigration Headquarters at the point of entry. This is common in situations where there is no Gambian Embassy or Consulate from country of origin. However, visa can be obtained at the Banjul International Airport and Amdalai (Border with Karang, Senegal) upon arrival.

Procedure & Requirement

· Officer will screen the Passport to ascertain date and point of entry, referral etc

· If convinced, the issuing officers issue a 3 months single entry visa. However, all visitors are given an extra month after which they are required to extend their stay if desired.

Visa Extension

· Visitor can have two months extension in two fold depending on what suits him/her. He/she can have a two months extension a go or extend for one month and for another one month if the previous expires.


Note: - extension of stay is only applicable for the first two months after the expiration of the visa. By extending ones stay, the visitor will have stayed for Ninety Days (the extra month and the two months extension) which will automatically warrant him/her to regularize his/her Immigration Status by obtaining a Residential Permit depending on their purpose of entry. Ecowas citizens are advised to regularize after 90 days by obtaining Residential Permit B. Non- Ecowas citizens must do so after 56 days



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