Gambia Immigration Department is mandated with the responsibility to issue residence and work permits to foreigners / Community citizens (ECOWAS) intending to reside and work in the Gambia whether for gainful employment or voluntary service.  Apart from persons possessing “special Immigration Status” all other immigrants require a residential and work permit in order to reside or work in The Gambia.

The Director General of Immigration may grant a residential or work permit to any person once satisfied with his/her application for such permit  under Section 10 (1) of the Immigration Act.


  • Residential permit A
  • Residential permit B ECOWAS
  • Residential permit B Non ECOWAS
  • Residential permit C

1. Residential Permit A- Issued for residence only (retired and students)


  1. Applicant must prove visible means of support for his/her up keeping in the Gambia.
  2. He/she must be of good character.

2. Residential Permit B- Issued for both residence and employment. (  skilled  workers, expatriates and investors)


  • Applicant must be a skilled worker, expatriate worker in the executive, managerial and middle management positions.
  • in accordance with the directives and instructions given from time to time through the Quota Allocation Board specifying Governments Immigration Policy.
  • Applicant must be a skilled expatriate exclusive of the above category or a self-employed business owner.

3. Residential Permit C- Is issued to unskilled workers (shoe shiner,  petty traders etc).


  1. Applicant must prove visible means of support for his/her up keeping in the Gambia.
  2. He/she must be of good character.



  • Authentic application form filled with particulars of applicant
  • Formal letter from the employer/sponsor accepting immigration responsibility on behalf of the applicant.
  • Copies of National Passport
  • Curriculum Vitae and names and addresses of references from whom the Curriculum Vitae can be verified.
  • Two Passport Photo size of applicant


  • Payment of the appropriate permit fees is made as soon as the Director General of Immigration approved the application.
  • Validity of a residence permit is one calendar year (1st January-31st January the following year ) and fees remain the same no matter the period or number of months it takes the permit to expire.
  • Residence permits are renewable, fees remain the same to that of a fresh application,
  • Dependents of a holder of any residential permit shall be endorsed on that permit. Such names endorsed shall be deemed to be in possession of residential permits.


FEES FOR RESIDENTIAL PERMITS                                     

  • Permit-A : D1,500
  • Permit-B : D2,500 ( Non ECOWAS Nationals)
  • Permit-B: D1,500 ( ECOWAS Nationals)
  • Permit-C D300
  • Note: Replacement of a permit owing perhaps to change in employment or change in address, may not attract another fee.




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